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I have added these photographs because or their personal and historical interest. If you recognise one of your ancestors or can identify a location, please let me know, or if you have a photograph of your own that you would like me to add, please send an email to mail@blackcountrygenealogyandfamilyhistory.co.uk

The above location is believed to be 'The Nine Acres', looking towards Drews Holloway, Cradley, circa early 1900's. The photographer was E Beech of the Imperial Studio, Cradley Heath. Everyone is in their 'Sunday Best' but what was the event? Please contact me if you have any further information about this photograph.

This photograph shows the Brownies based in the West Bromwich or Wednesbury area. It was taken sometime during the late 1920's.

This photograph shows the Girl Guides based in the West Bromwich or Wednesbury area, taken sometime during the 1930's. Many thanks to Amy for providing these two photographs.

Does anyone recognise the location of this photograph? It may be an allotment and the shed on the right could be a potting/tool shed. The lady behind the girl at the front was born in 1894, Langley, but moved to Coventry around 1912. Some family members remained in Langley so could this be the location of the photograph? If you recognise anyone please let me know.

It is possible this photograph was taken somewhere in Cradley Heath. Unfortunately, no names or details of the event appear on this undated photograph, nor does the name of the photographer. Do you recognise anything or anyone in this photograph? Do you know what the event may have been?

The war in Europe ended on 7 May 1945. The next day, 8 May was declared a national holiday, 'V.E.Day'. The streets of Britain were decorated with bunting, trestle tables and chairs for afternoon parties. This photograph was taken in Coventry - I have added it because of the historical interest. 

This is the garage of Sidaway & Turner in King Street, Dudley. 

Can you identify the gentleman in this photograph? Was he a policeman or perhaps a member of a Military Band? There are no brass buttons on the jacket which makes this a bit of a puzzle! I am not certain whether this is St Lukes graveyard but the photograph was taken by E Beech who was a photographer based at the Imperial Studio, Cradley Heath.

Can anyone identify the men in this photograph or indeed, the Regiment?

I suspect that this may have been a second marriage, because the bride is not wearing white or cream. Can anyone identify the couple or indeed any other people in the photograph? 

Can anyone identify the people in this photograph? Do you recognise the vicar and was he the groom standing alongside his bestman or is the groom the gentleman on the right of the vicar, as we look at the photograph? 

This photograph was taken during the First World War. I think the girls may have been munitions workers but am puzzled by the numbers on their outfits. Can anyone help please?

Another photograph similar to the one above.

This marriage took place on 11 December 1930. The newspaper cutting below provides more information.

I have added this photograph because it was taken in California during the 1930's. The family had emigrated to California, having left this country on 6 December 1909.

This photograph was taken in the studios of Horace Dudley, a local photographer in the Black Country. Can anyone identify the men? Many thanks to Colin Birks for improving the original photo by removing the 'creases'. 

This photograph is dated around 1910 and is particularly interesting because it shows a market stall selling meat (not as we know it today!) as well as fruit, veg and other items. The stall was in Coventry but gives an insight into what market stalls were like at that time. 

An example of an Air Raid Wardens Post in World War II. This particular one was in Coventry.

Can anyone identify the 'uniform' and badges these girls are wearing and what was the significance of the teddy bear?

Photograph taken by E.Beech, Imperial Studio, Cradley Heath.

This image has been scanned from an old photocopy so the quality is not brilliant. It shows Kinver Juniors Football Club 1909-1910. Although Kinver is not in the Black Country, I have added it because Kinver has always been a place of interest for Black Country folk.

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