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                                           Important Bits

Please note that I do not include any identifiable information for living persons and where this is on a document, it has been removed. I will never disclose anyone's personal information on this site without their express permission, or their wish to have their details made public.

If you add any photos or write an article for 'Black Country Memories', you may use a pseudonym if you wish. I will not disclose your name unless you ask me to. 

Please also obtain permission to use the names of any living persons who may be included in the articles you write, or alternatively, use fictitious names.


The ideas for this website were conceived over five years ago, therefore any similarity to other sites is purely coincidental.

It is with thanks to my son, that I have finally been able to realise my dream and share my memories, photos and ephemera with you, so that we have a portrait of the Social and Economic history of our Black Country.

I also wish to pay tribute to all the late photographers, especially E Beech and E Beech Jnr of the Imperial Studio, Cradley Heath, J N Cockin, Reddal Hill and Horace Dudley, who had studios in Dudley and West Bromwich for providing the lasting memories from their photographs. 


Please note that the information on this site is a work in progress. Please do not assume that all information you find on this site is completely accurate until you can validate it with your own research. (Re the parish registers, please contact me for an exact copy of the entry in the register. Certain words have been omitted, i.e. 'd.of' or 's.of' for the ease of viewing the entries. The spellings are as shown in the registers).  The information on this site may be used for personal genealogical research. It may not be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever.


The information on this website has been derived from numerous sources over a period of many years. It also includes my own personal knowledge of the area and that gained from my family. Direct quotes are accredited to the author and sources are listed where relevant.  


Please note that whilst I retain the copyright to this site, you may extract information for your own personal use at no cost whatsoever. This site may also be used for non-commercial educational purposes. For any other use, such as in a publication or on a publicly available website, permission must be obtained. The information and photos submitted by third parties and used with their permission will be noted accordingly - however, this remains copyright to the submitter and may not be used without their consent. Legal action may be taken if any content from this site appears on another website or in any other form of media without my express permission.


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