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By the early 1900's, the seaside holiday had been made more accessible by the railways and was an important part of family life. What had previously been small fishing villages became towns by the sea with promenades and piers. The beaches provided a classless society although the middle classes retained their Victorian manners and standards.

Visits to the seaside became less formal after the 1920's and people from the industrial areas, such as the Black Country, could afford the reduced cost of railway travel. There were of course other methods of travel which had been introduced - the charabanc, buses and trams. 

In these early days of seaside holidays, bathing costumes were made of woven cotton fabric, but this fabric did not protect the modesty when wet! The following are a selection of holiday photos dating from the 1920's. Happy times!

A typical holiday photograph of the 1920's/30's.

A beach scene in the mid 1920's.

Margate in the 1920's.

Two more beach scenes, above and below, at Margate in the 1920's. As was the case with a lot of photographs from this era, the holidaymakers are smartly dressed! It would also appear to be a summers day so they must have felt pretty hot under all those layers!

Holiday group taken in the mid 1930's.

Can anyone identify the girl with dark hair, second from left? The photograph was taken around 1937.

A beach scene in the late 1930's.

This lady also appears in the photograph below. It was taken in the mid 1930's.  

A familiar beach scene from the mid 1930's.

A holiday scene typical of the late 1930's. Some families had their own caravans in which family members and friends would stay on regular trips to the seaside. 

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